Mes Avions-jouets

The 'My Toy Airplanes' collection dates back to the last century

In 2012, I published a book about part of that collection.

Our knowledge of 20th century vintage toys is very patchy: most of the manufacturers’ archives have disappeared, few of their catalogues have survived, and distributors’ and retailers’ catalogues are silent about the brands but indicate the date of sale.

A year after its publication, I realised that my book was riddled with attribution and dating errors, so I decided to set up a website to allow ongoing corrections.

Eleven years later, the site has been rebuilt to allow visitors to search for information as they see fit.

As I got older, I began to worry about what would one day happen to these toys. The Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne agreed to take them on, and I have already entrusted them with the collections of toy cars from the inter-war period and space toys.
Patrick Despature

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